Welcome to the Foreign Medical Service.

While you are in Korea, I will be a kind hospital where you can take responsibility for your dental care.
You don't need to check out other dental clinic here and there, and we'll guarantee you the right care at the university hospital. I'll listen closely to you and explain it one more time. We will make reasonable medical costs while using the most sophisticated, fast-treated, and world-class equipment.
I wish you a pleasant Korea life.

It's harder to find time in another country, Right?
I heard you need to go to the dental clinic several times.

No, Our Rambrandt Dental clinic offers you a solution.

Oneday cerec treatment-Oneday cerec laminate ,Oneday cerec crown,Oneday cerec inlay
Experience the state-of-the-art SIRONA equipment and the superior precision and speed of the world's most reliable VITA.
It was also the first conscious sedation in Daegu and a combination of the cerec system.

Pain management - Conscious sedation (sleep dental treatment) is performed with a painless anesthesia equipment during dental teeatment.

Efforts to reduce pain
A painless anesthesia equipment
Most cases of Conscious sedation
Oneday Cerec treatment
Cavity treatment with lnlay, Onlay
Prosthesis with Zirconia Crown & Bridge in ONEDAY.

Conscious sedation implant, oneday implant, navigation implant - 3D dental CT With the latest technology on the ground, experience high-quality implant care with zero percent infection rate through painless, accurate procedures.

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